Equipping for Evangelism

Practical Witnessing Training

Edifying the saints is core to What Does the Scripture Say. Our desire is to see Christians grow in their faith, specifically learning how to share their faith.

Come join us on one of our Gospel Outreaches (GO!) and see how you can proclaim the truth of the gospel, both good news and bad news, without being offensive.

Two Life Changing Ministries

Be Ready to Give an Answer and Proclaim the Gospel

Ken Ham is the visionary behind the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, two of the world’s greatest Christian attractions, based in Northern Kentucky. Answers in Genesis is the largest apologetics ministry in the world that built Ark Encounter and Creation Museum. Visit their website for an incredible amount of high quality, Bible affirming, Christ-centered resources.

Ray Comfort has done a spectacular job teaching Christians how to use the Law to bring about the knowledge of sin. God has used him and his love for the lost to inspire millions of believers to let love swallow their fears and proclaim the good news of Jesus to strangers.

Their YouTube channel has a ton of incredible gospel encounters recorded for you to learn how to use the Law and preach Christ.

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