Gospel Outreach at the Purple People Bridge

We’re going to try a new outreach venue this year in Newport, KY. There’s an annual Christmas light show kickoff at the Purple People Bridge. This year it’s on Friday November 17 at 6pm. I’ve never been to this event before so I’m not sure how large it will be, but we plan to give away gospel tracts including the “What Time is Purple” booklet. If you come out, try to wear purple colored clothing.

The last time we did a gospel outreach at the Purple People Bridge the Lord gave us an amazing time of witnessing to three Muslim men (See pictures below!). My good friends Rod and Rosie Grubb were in town and had the great idea of giving out the “What Time is Purple” booklets at the Purple People Bridge wearing Purple T-shirts. For a couple of hours we had a great time handing out gospel tracts and getting into multiple Christ-centered conversations. At one point we engaged a middle-eastern man in gospel conversation and he stayed talking with us for over an hour! You can see in the pictures below it goes from daylight to nighttime.

Toward the end of the conversation he told us he was going to a friend’s house to have a traditional middle eastern dinner they called “Upside Down”. I jokingly told him to ask his friend if we could join in on the meal. When we parted we shared our contact info with each other and as we were walking to our car, a surprise text came in from my new Muslim friend saying his friend would be happy to have us over for dinner!

So Rod, Rosie, and I went to their house and spent about four hours with them. It took a couple of hours for them to cook the magnificent dish, all the while we were sharing different angles of the cross with them. Then we enjoyed the meal for about another two hours, praise God!

More info on the outreach on Nov 17th here https://www.facebook.com/events/946801673173872/987700712417301/?active_tab=discussion

You can download the booklet right here.

This was such a memorable night!

Sharing the Gospel from the Gospel of John
Witnessing and DInner with our New Muslim Friends
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