Winter Jam Outreach with The Church Next Door

Come get equipped with practical tools for reaching the lost at The Church Next Door in Columbus, OH. Then join us as we go proclaim the gospel to the lines of people at the Winter Jam concert at the Schottenstein Center on the Ohio State University campus.

The one-day Witnessing Workshop will be on Saturday January 27th. The schedule is as follows:

10am: Angles of the Cross (The Depth of the Gospel)
11:15am: How to Use the Law in Evangelism (The Way of the Master)
12:30pm: Pizza lunch provided
1:00pm: Two Powerful Arguments for God (Creation Apologetics)
2:15pm: Effectively Using Gospel Tracts
3:00pm: Leave The Church Next Door for Winter Jam
5:30pm: Conclude Gospel Outreach

Winter Jam is a great venue to share the gospel with people. It’s a Christian music concert, but the unique thing about it is that tickets cannot be pre-purchased, they must be purchased at the door. So a huge line forms the day of the concert which is a great opportunity to do some open air preaching for a static audience as well as hand out gospel tracts. 

The people waiting in line are typically in one of three categories: 1) True Christians, 2) Church goers who aren’t born again, and 3) Unbelieving friends of Christians. So the people there generally are very happy to receive gospel tracts. The Lord has blessed me with many Christ-centered conversations there over the years as well. Come and join the fun!

General Admission Doors open at 5pm on Saturday Jan 27th, but Jam Nation doors open at 4pm, so we plan to arrive at 3:00pm at the start of the line (where the doors open).

Even if you can’t join us, please pray for the people that will be touched with the gospel, that the Holy Spirit will open their eyes and hearts to the love and truth of Jesus. Thanks!

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