Saving Christian Music Fans

I used to think listening to Christian music is what made you a Christian. I remember when I was in college visiting my oldest brother Paul at his apartment. As we walked from the carport to his front door, we had just exited the car listening to DC talk. Paul said something like, he didn’t know that I listened to Christian music. I responded by saying something like, “Oh, I listen to Christian music all the time.” He said something deeply profound to me at that time,

“Listening to Christian music doesn’t make you a Christian.”

I was blown away. I didn’t respond, but that stuck with me because I thought it kind of did.

I figure there are people out there today that are in that same position I was at some 25 years ago. So we’re going to a Christian concert in order to give out the gospel so that people might be saved if they repent and believe in the Lord Jesus. We’ll be handing out gospel tracts, and Lord willing, getting into Christ-centered conversations with people who are in the huge lines waiting for the doors to open. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure a great many of these folks are true Christians.

Josiah and I did this for a Winter Jam concert in Columbus, OH last Saturday. Here’s a video recap.

This Sunday will be going down to Lexington Kentucky for their Winter Jam concert. Doors open at 4 PM so we’ll arrive there about 2:30 PM in order to give out the gospel. Please pray for open hearts, and for the Holy Spirit to convict mere church goers to become born again and part of the true church. Thanks!

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