Pray for AMOR Divino outreach in Mexico

Thank you for praying for this week-long evangelism event. The missionary family summed it up this way:

“We were thrilled with around 60 people who gave their contact information, indicating they would like to know more, or receive a Bible study in their home! One elderly woman named Piedad listened to the gospel message, and with tears, prayed to receive Christ then and there. Others indicated an urgent need to know more, and one woman begged the girl who talked to her, not to forget and to come back soon for a Bible study. Some indicated that they were not supposed to be home at that time, but for some unusual reason, were home that day. They felt it was a sign from God.

Another said she never opened the door to a stranger, but for some reason, felt compelled to do so that day. One person had many questions and talked to the guys from our team for a couple of hours. Please pray for the elder from the Morelia church, Juli├ín, along with his wife and some faithful women in the church, who will be following up on these contacts and teaching the new Bible studies.”

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