Mission Trip to Mexico!

We are so excited to let you know that my two oldest and I are taking a mission trip to Mexico from January 17 to January 25. We will be helping a missionary family there (our friends the Ted Clark family) with their eight week long intense discipleship program for Christian youth, to train them in various subjects from the Scriptures. They have young people coming from different parts of Mexico and the USA, giving a year of their lives to deepening their knowledge of Scripture, that they may love and serve Jesus more.

This in-depth discipleship includes various week long training sessions such as Introduction to the Bible, Genesis, Galatians, etc. I’ve been asked to teach a week on the gospel and evangelism. Please pray for all the wisdom and strength we need to prepare and carry out this venture for the glory of Christ Jesus and the growth of these youth. Thank you for your prayers for us and the people of Mexico!

Click the button below to learn more of the Clark’s ministry to the people of Mexico.

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One thought on “Mission Trip to Mexico!

  1. Praying for a fruitful time ,that the Lord’s Word sinks in people’s minds and will’s.
    Also for your (plural) physical safety and wellness!

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