Witnessing Workshop Success

Praise the Lord for a great weekend training Christians how to reach out to the lost with the gospel of Jesus. We had over 25 people come for various sessions during the evangelism training weekend. Thank the Lord that about half of that number was young people! Saturday night’s SantaCon venue got rained out so I took the team inside to the Florence Mall to share Jesus.

Praise God we were able to get into gospel conversations with many different people. I talked with a guy named Darrell who goes to a Baptist church, but he was starting to believe in reincarnation. I shared with him Hebrews 9:27 and that seemed to be impactful, praise the Lord. Towards the end he took my cell number and invited me to his church. It seemed he was convicted that what he was believing was not biblical, but at the same time he was struggling with submitting to the authority of the Bible.

Johnny was one of the young people that came to the training and he was able to share the law and gospel with an adult named Ray. I joined Johnny a bit later as backup but Ray was already very appreciative of what and how Johnny was sharing. Later Ray’s teenage daughter and wife showed up so we gave them all gospel tracts.

On Sunday a number of Christians from various churches showed up for the training on “How to Reach Roman Catholics with Grace”. One is a student at Thomas More (a local Catholic college) and another recently went to her Catholic grandmother’s funeral (which was a Mass). They really enjoyed getting equipped with answers for their Catholic friends and family, praise God.

Then the team went to the Bengals game in the literally freezing weather. It was cold, but the group of young and old evangelists were excited to give out the gospel via Santa Clause million dollar bills and the “Are you ready for Santa?” gospel tracts. It was such a joy to see the young people be so enthusiastic and happy to give people the gospel.

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