Atheists Protest the Ark Encounter

Professing atheists once again will descend upon the Ark Encounter in order to protest the the biblical values and truth that the Ark proclaims. Each year since the grand opening in 2016 a group of atheists gathers to denounce the biblical history and morality that the Ark stands on. And each year (except for the second) a group of friendly, loving Christians goes out to their protest to gently defend and proclaim the truth of God’s word and the gospel message.

Join us on July 10th right at the offramp to the Ark Encounter off of Interstate 75 as, by the Holy Spirit’s power, we follow in the footsteps of Jesus to seek and to save that which is lost. Please pray for the atheists and for the Christian workers, that the Holy Spirit would open up eyes as we share the glorious gospel of grace and love of God with them. Please contact me if you are interested in joining our group to engage the lost, listen to their stories and provide the message of hope for their souls.

Here are  a few articles from the inaugural atheist Ark Encounter protest.

Frank Zitzman sharing God’s truth with a prominent local atheist.
James Opperman sharing the gospel with nationally known atheist Aron Ra.
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  1. Grieves my heart, play worshiping songs ( old ones ) to reach the atheists . Luke 24;45 ( speak about the coming of Jesus of course without a date because no one knows ) God granted me to be in the ark, through the passage of the ark, Noah, God saved my unbelieving covenant husband, he ended with me in church clapping 👏 to Jesus Christ as Lord !! John 17;17

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