Atheist Ark Encounter Protest

On July 7th, 2020 Answers in Genesis celebrated the 4th anniversary of the grand opening of the Ark Encounter. On that same day the Atheist community held their fourth annual protest against AiG and the Ark.

This year, because of their fear of Covid-19, the atheists held their Ark Protest online. They had a number of prominent atheist speak for their virtual ‘rally’ on YouTube. I joined their chat session and tried to engage them with a few open ended questions. Unfortunately, for the most part, they didn’t take the bait. But I was able to share with them the love of Jesus and invited them to a free personal tour of the Creation Museum or Ark Encounter. 

Interestingly, a friend of mine was also on the Atheist Ark protest chat session and afterwards I contacted her over Facebook to see what she thought. To my surprise she said that she has been having a crisis of faith and is not sure that Christianity is the truth anymore. So we chatted for a while and I was able to minister God’s Word to her and answer some of her questions from the Bible. At the end of our time she said, “Hey, you got to witness to someone from the Ark Protest after all!” Which was kind of true, praise the Lord!

Please continue to pray for the local family that runs Tri-State Freethinkers which coordinates the annual protest.

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