How to Get the Most out of the Bible

Join us on Mondays at 8pm ET for a Zoom Bible study where we’ll learn how to do personal Bible study. We’ll be looking at the inductive Bible study method and see how to practice a simple three step method to rightly divide the Word of God and gain precious truths for your life. It will be informal and interactive. We’ll go for six sessions, so feel free to join us when you can.

Join us at starting Monday, September 26th at 8pm ET.

For personal Bible study, I highly recommend Howard Hendricks’ Living by the Book and John MacArthur’s Unleashing God’s Word in your Life. I’ll share some content from both of these books.

If you don’t have Bible software yet, I would highly recommend this free package from Logos, which includes my number one recommended Bible study tool. Come to the Zoom study to find out the best, yet most simple thing you can do to dig into God’s Word!

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One thought on “How to Get the Most out of the Bible

  1. The best way to “Get the Most out of the Bible” is to close your mind and believe that the entire Bible should be taken as literal. God is so angry, so full of wrath, and so legalistic that he needs to kill someone in order to satisfy his bloodthirst – his own son. Yep, that God is a God of love.

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