Huge Surprise at the Flea Market!

Praise God for a wonderful gospel outreach at Peddler’s last Saturday. We had a wonderful surprise at the gospel booth when my good friend Kevin Marble showed up to help us share Jesus without fear! Kevin is currently leading an evangelism study in his local church using Grace Moffitt (Mally)’s book “Will our Generation Speak?“. The Study Guide is a fantastic resource to dig deeper into the Scriptures to learn what God says about sharing our faith.

I thank the Lord for Brandon and Ashley’s faithfulness in coming out to so many of our gospel outreaches too. Their zeal for the gospel is a great testimony to the Lord’s work in their lives. Brandon had a very strong conversation with someone about creation and how we can trust God’s Word when it comes to a literal Genesis. We all had many meaningful Christ-centered conversations with various people who came up to the booth. Thank you for praying that the Lord would reach the lost with His gospel, He answered those prayers!

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