Parades are the Easiest Outreaches

Join with me in prayer for the many unbelievers that were touched with the gospel of Jesus on Memorial Day. Praise God, He answered our prayers and raised up a group of about thirteen Christian workers to go out into the harvest and proclaim the glorious good news of forgiveness in Christ. 

Folks from Torch Community Church joined with a number of members from Trinity Presbyterian Church to walk the parade route of Ludlow’s annual Memorial Day parade. I saw and heard numerous Christians in our group having meaningful Christ-centered conversations with the lost. I personally was able to share the good news of the love of God with two ladies (I think they were ‘partners’) who were drug addicts and apparently have been clean for a couple of years. As I was sharing Jesus Christ and Him crucified with them, they said that they had just been talking about going to church a few days earlier. I told them that this was no coincidence and they agreed, stating, “Everything happens for a reason.” So please pray for these two ladies.

I was also able to share with a young man in his early 20s who was religious, but was not trusting in Christ alone as Savior; he was still depending on his being a good person with good works to make him right with God. He listened intently and seemed to catch the gist of the message of salvation in Christ alone, by grace alone through faith alone. He was very appreciative of our discussion. 

Please pray for the folks now, that the Lord would convict them of their sin, that they would trust in Christ for salvation and perhaps some of them would visit a local church this Sunday.

We also had a great day of ministry at the flea market last Saturday, praise God. Mostly we were able to equip and fellowship with believers. One lady named Ashley is a new believer (about a month old) and appreciated all the resources we gave her, including the “Begin” book. She’s going to be water baptized soon. I gave her my contact info so I can get her family into the Creation Museum for free. 

This is really cool: At the end of the conversation, she mentioned that her mother-in-law called her while she was on the way to the flea market. She asked her what she was going to buy and Ashley said, “I don’t know. Something inside of me is just telling me to go to the flea market, I haven’t been there in a while.” And she answered, “That’s the Holy Spirit talking to you.” And Ashley exclaimed, “Now I see it!” Praise the Lord!! 

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