Phenomenal Witnessing Workshop Results!

Thank you for praying for this last Witnessing Workshop Weekend. The Lord blessed it richly. Such a tremendous joy over the last four days. The training went very well, people were very edified and loved the practical instruction enabled by biblical truth. I was very encouraged by the feedback.

The outreaches on both days were incredible. On Saturday we went door to door and had more deep, Christ-centered conversations at people’s doorsteps that I had imagined. Then Sunday night at Riverfest it was such a joy to give out around 5000 gospel tracts and get into many good gospel conversations.

The Lord brought more people to both the training and events than I thought He would. Sat we had 30 people, with about 22 people going door to door and all of them coming back with so many encouraging, amazing stories of gospel encounters. Then Sunday we had about 20 people at the training, but about 25 people at the outreach (thanks to Calvary Chapel Northern Kentucky), again with incredible opportunities to minister the gospel of grace.

The very last encounter I had was sweet too. We met some young people who were cousins, one of them being 23, the others were in their teens. As I shared the gospel the 23 year old, Tori, was so excited that God sent us because she is a Christian and really wants her family to grow strong in the Lord. She even waved her brothers over and I go to share with them. She took my contact info, so please pray she gets in touch with me.

I also met a homeless lady name Kathy who is angry at God, please pray for the Lord to soften her heart and draw her to Himself.

Thanks again for your prayers, as the Lord answered them in the affirmative for His glory. Thank you for your faithfulness and support of this ministry of reconciliation.

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