Preaching Christ on the Capitol Steps

Praise the Lord we had a great time giving out Bibles, million dollar bill gospel tracts and Christian booklets to the many conservatives and patriots that showed up for the “Stop the Steal” rally at the Kentucky Capitol yesterday. My family has attended many rallies and protests this year that decry the tyrannical government overreach that we’ve been experiencing in our state. We make the effort not only to show our support for the Constitution and freedom, but also to proclaim the ultimate, eternal freedom that we have in Christ.

What a blessing that we can still go out into the public square and proclaim the gospel. I think the time is coming in this nation (and in some parts has already come) when we may face jail time or real persecution for preaching the truth from the Word of God. I see these particular outreaches as packing a one-two punch. 1) Standing against the unrighteousness of the corrupt government and more importantly 2) Sharing the gospel with a lost world.

Many people at these rallies are church-goers or at least conservatives, both politically and morally. But at the same time, I believe, many of them are not truly born again Christians. So my favorite gospel resource I like to give out at these is a booklet that my friends Shannon Dukes and Frank Zitzman wrote called “Can you go to Hell from church?” This booklet shows that going to church doesn’t make you a Christian, just like going to McDonalds doesn’t make you a hamburger. You’ve got to repent and trust in Christ to be born again. You can read the two booklets we gave out below as well as watch a 5 minute video clip of pastor Greg Locke preaching.

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