Security Official Tries to Stop the Gospel

Praise God He opened a door for the gospel to be proclaimed at one of only two home games for the Cincinnati Bengals. It was a great time outdoors with beautiful weather for Stephen, Josiah and I as we spread the love of Jesus to tons of joyful fans through hundreds and hundreds of gospel tracts. 

Not surprisingly, a Bengals security official tried to stop the proclamation of the gospel, using Covid as the reason why we shouldn’t be sharing Christ with people. 

It was a microcosm of the greater issues at stake in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, indeed in the United States. Once again an authority figure overstepped his jurisdiction and tried to stop the free exercise of our God given freedoms as protected by the First Amendment. Sharing the gospel of Jesus is a Constitutional right and more importantly, it is our obligation to God and the lost world that no authority in America can take away, though try they might. 

Thank the Lord after the brief, but tense encounter with security, we never heard back from him or the many other security guards and policemen there. Let’s follow the example of the disciples in Acts 4 and 5 when they were confronted by the authorities of their time and told not to preach in the name of Jesus. They were compelled, as I am, to say, “We must obey God rather than men.” 

Thanks for praying!

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