Taking the Gospel to the Race Track

Join us at the Florence Speedway on Saturday April 24th where we’ll be joining Kentucky Raceway Ministries to proclaim Christ to race fans. We’ll be giving out gospel tracts, Bibles and engaging folks in Christ-centered conversations. Please pray for the Lord to use this ministry to draw men & women and boys & girls to Himself. Contact me if you’d like to join in sharing the gospel. Admission will be free for volunteers. We plan on meeting there at 4pm on Saturday.

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2 thoughts on “Taking the Gospel to the Race Track

  1. Praise The Lord for those that volunteered at Local Flea Market to bring All glory to our Lord God through the exaltation of Christ as our Redeemer by sharing the Good News with precision & Joy in their hearts!!!

    Also, I’ll be posting your Taking the Gospel to the Race Track.

    Father, I’m Praying that the Holy Spirit will be softening hearts; opening ears, to receive His Good News with Repentant hearts & minds & Receive The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the addition of The Holy Spirit, Who, without Him, will have no empowerment, no conviction of sin, no teacher of God’s Word, nor Comforter, to mature the new believer! Thank You Father for listening to my heart and answering my prayer, in the Name above ALL names, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, AMEN!

  2. Looking forward to this one! We are praying that the Lord will prepare hearts to receive the truth of the Gospel!

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