Memorial Day Parade Outreach

Parades are the easiest venues to give out gospel tracts for a number of reasons:

  1. People are sitting or standing on the sidewalks with nothing to do, just waiting for the float to drive by.
  2. People are usually in a good mood.
  3. People are used to receiving candy or items during a parade.

If you’ve have yet to share the good news of Jesus at a parade, feel free to join us for a wonderful gospel outreach at Ludlow’s Memorial Day parade. We will meet at 10am at Trinity Presbyterian church in Ludlow, KY.

We usually begin about 30 minutes before the parade starts. In this case the parade officially starts at 10:30am. We then walk away from the beginning of the parade and hand out gospel tracts until the floats catch up to us. Once the floats catch up to us, we stop handing out tracts so we don’t distract people from the parade.

We also usually split up into four teams of two people. This gives us four people for each side of the street, two people walk in the street to reach the people facing the street and two people walk in back of those folks (on the sidewalk) to reach the second row of folks.

Please pray the Lord gives us opportunity to get into Christ-centered conversations to warn people of their eternal destiny in Hell if they don’t run to Christ in repentant faith. Thanks!

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