Report on Mexico Mission Trip

Praise God that the Lord blessed our time ministering the gospel in Mexico at a large Christian Camp. The Lord had me teach 4 sessions each day to a group of young adult students who are there for a year’s worth of in-depth discipleship. We went deep into the various angles to the cross such as redemption, justification, reconciliation, propitiation, etc. We then looked at 5 Steps to Witnessing and finally how to reach Roman Catholics with Grace. I also gave talks to folks at a parenting conference and the Sunday morning sermon for their local assembly. Thank you so much for praying!

We had 3 or 4 times of gospel outreach to various villages and downtown areas, giving out gospel tracts and verbally sharing Christ with those on the streets and in homes. Grace and Stephen were able to give their testimonies for the church and the parenting conference. Overall, it was a blessed time with the Ted Clark Family. They have been ministering there for over 30 years and it was so exciting to see the fruit of their labors. Please continue to pray for their powerful ministry in Mexico.

Walking down the road to the small village where we held a church service for the believers as well as witnessed to some non-Christians.

The house that we had a church service in.

Annie Clark witnessing downtown to a lady outside of a hospital. We brought free coffee and gospel tracts.

Grace giving her testimony in front of over 100 people. She said she was nervous but she didn’t look it. She did a great job.

Stephen giving his testimony for the church. He’s used to public speaking and did a great job glorifying God.

Our classroom of students/disciples. About a dozen young adults from Mexico and the USA have committed to a year long discipleship program with an intense teaching schedule each week.

Here’s a twenty second video of the students practicing their new witnessing skills. We role played with some of them being atheists, evolutionists, Roman Catholics, etc.

Above is the Sunday sermon with translation. I tried my hand at reading Romans 3:21-31 in Spanish!

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2 thoughts on “Report on Mexico Mission Trip

  1. Great to see God being lifted and praised! So glad it went well, meeting new people and sharing his Love. Take me next time!! : )
    Continuing prayers for everyone involved.

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