Phenomenal Gospel Opportunity in Iowa

Join us as we share the gospel of Jesus Christ with up to 100,000 people at the Iowa State Fair! Over 1.1 million visitors come to the fair each year and the Lord has blessed Answers in Genesis with a very large gospel booth where we engage people with the good news of salvation. Literally hundreds of deep, meaningful gospel conversations are had each year, many of them over an hour long. We are looking for volunteers to help out at the AiG gospel booth. You can find more information here.

Grace Mally (now Moffit) runs a Witnessing Training Camp called Testify during the fair. Based on popular demand we are running two 4 day/night camps this year. Please visit Ken Ham’s blog from the last event to see two videos that really give you a feel for the ministry there. If you can’t join us in person, please join us in prayer. Thanks so much!

Ken Ham blogged about the gospel outreach a few weeks ago with lots of pictures here.

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